It's 10:30 PM. A wintery wind whistles through the streets of Arcadia City. A young couple, hand in hand, meanders down the street lost in giggling conversation. They are unaware of the danger that lurks in the shadows. But that's where you come in. Perched on the roof top you see the muggers hastily mutter their plans. The glint of moonlight on metal indicates their intent more clearly than an orange neon sign. Exhaling slightly, you leap from your perch and enter the breach once again...

The world needs heroes. With Heroic Visions, the Superhero Role Playing Adventure Game, you can create your own Champion of Truth, Justice and the Galactic Way. You choose his origins and motivations: from a grim urban knight to an orphan from an alien planet. You customize your hero by selecting his Body Type, Origin, Advantages and Traits.

Choices include:

Body Types: Psionic, Liquid Being, Mutant, Ethereal Lifeform, Alien, Changeling, Mineral Lifeform, Energy Body and more than 30 other types. Skills: More than 250 different skills to diversify your character from those with similar powers. Powers: over 120 different powers that allows you to create just about any superhero you can imagine Advantages and Traits: over 140 different definitions to make your hero more "uniquely human."


With Heroic Visions, the power to have hours of role playing fun and adventure is in your hands.