Zephaniah is new to being a hero and is really enjoying his new powers to the hilt. Kinesis with the help of Cassandra, his tutor and Shakyra, his girlfriend, began exploring and measuring his powers. Zephaniah struggles to balance his studies, an active social life and making time to train and use his powers responsibly.
Combat Tactics: Zephaniah will adapt his fighting style to match his opponent. He likes to fly in close to combat his foes and then utilize either his Telekinesis or Pyrokinesis to confound them before returning to fisticuffs.
Identity: Zephaniah
Occupation: Student


Age: 17                    Sex: Male
Height: 5´11˝        Weight: 140 lbs.
Carrying Capacity: 12.5 Tons
Skin: Brown          Hair: Black                  Eyes: Hazel


Friends: Shakyra


Enemies: Snare, Hiel