Ajuna Readingale, new hire at Club Q, is a wanted woman. Karen, leader of The Ambros Gang - Austropopian Bards with plans of music and world domination - is now focused on bending Ajuna to her musical, philosophical and political will. An unabashed classical musician, Ajuna considers other music junk food - OK in small doses but deadly in large amounts.


Combat Tactics: Fighting is complicated for Ajuna. She desires a diplomatic solution for even the most evil of foes. She is fierce to defend those she loves. She strives to bring every opponent to their moment of trial by jury. While the judicial system is not perfect in any country - it is part of the system which keeps humanity whole.


Identity: Ajuna Readingale

Occupation: Student                   Home: Vienna (Earth 43)
Age: 19   Sex: Female                 Skin: Tan              Height: 5'10”                  Weight: 132 pounds

Hair: Brunette                              Eyes: Grey          Carrying Capacity: 100 pounds


Friends: William


Enemies: Queen Ambros, The Ambros Gang


First Appearance: Ogden Tales - A Tale of Three Earths - Part One