Rebeka is a Special Agent for the Universal Guardian Corps. She's completed several missions for the Corps including exchanging two baby boys from Earth to Abishua. The Corps send Rebeka on missions where her unique Bardic abilities excel those of either a Quantum  Knight or a Universal Guardian.
Combat Tactics: Sonata typically begins combat with her Sleep melody. If that is unsuccessful, she will fire Zing blasts. She melees, using her Gold Cleft Staff, as a last resort.

Identity: Rebeka

Occupation: Heroine

Age: 175                  Sex: Female                
Skin: Brown     Height: 5'11"          
Weight: 145 pounds     Carrying Capacity: 400 pounds
Hair: Reddish Brown                Eyes: Almond


Allies: Universal Guardian Corps, Quantum Knights, Jael

Enemies: Snare


First Appearance: Zephaniah Chronicles - System Glitch