Cassie is a Hunter for Gene Tech. She captures humanoids and creatures for their genetic experiments. Almost 200 years ago, she submitted a proposal for genetic enhancement. Cassie received many new abilities including the ability to create Entangles. Snare has contacts with both Gene Tech and Lord Alteration. She periodically captures new creatures requesting intelligence enhancement from either agency. These pets then aid her in assignments. Cassie maintains a menagerie of creatures in Sanctuary, her headquarters.
Combat Tactics: Snare avoids direct conflict whenever possible. She will use her pets to create distractions allowing her to fight on her terms.
Identity: Cassiopeia                 Occupation: Hunter                 

Home: Snare's home dimension is unknown at this time. She does frequent Hebron in Dimension 28.


Age: 179                  Sex: Female                 Skin: Brown         Height: 5'10"              Weight: 130 pounds                 Carrying Capacity: 400 pounds                     Hair: Brown          Eyes: Almond


Allies: Lord Alteration, Genetech

Enemies: Zephaniah, Fedifensor


First Appearance: Zephaniah Chronicles - Issue Two