Shakyra has lived across the street from Zephaniah for years. She is more comfortable in the library than battling felons. Shakyra is jealous of all of the “fun” Cassandra and Zephaniah had while protecting Hebron. Shakyra has recently purchased and modified a Gadget Shack robot so she can remotely adventure with the duo.
Combat Tactics: Shakyra will typically send her robot into combat situations and then provide Intel and combat assistance via remote control.
Identity: Shakyra                       Occupation: Student             Home: Hebron (Dimension 28)


Age: 17                                     Sex: Female                  Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight: 132 lbs.  Carrying Capacity: 100 Pounds              Skin: Brown          Hair: Purple (Glows)
Eyes: Grey


Friends: Zephaniah


Enemies: Stud Muffin, Snare


First Appearance: Zephaniah Chronicles Issue One