Orpah is a member of Abishua’s Guild of Pilots. The Guild provides custom passages to remote planets for patrons who can afford it. A journeyman pilot, Orpah enjoys flying to strange locals and going on thrilling adventures. Because of her native abilities, Orpah is also able to double as a bodyguard for her clients for an additional fee.


Combat Tactics: Orphah is not skilled. Her Rakgarian lineage makes her more powerful than the average Abishwan. She is not arrogant like Gideon but merely overconfident at times.

Occupation: Pilot (Student - Hebron University) Home: Rakgar - (Dimension 28)


Age: 21 Sex: Female
Height: 5’9’ Weight: 140 pounds Carrying Capacity: 200 Pounds
Skin: Brown Hair: Fiery Red Eyes: Green


Friends: Gideon



First Appearance: Against The Est: Adventure Module