A little over two centuries ago, Nikiasia Wysterioz was a Stzian Princess. During a failed assassination attempt, she was exposed to primal energy. Nikiasia’s entire body was irradiated. She gained the ability to transmute objects and convert energy. She and her companions used their powers to bring peace to the Empire and establish Stz’s current government. Nikiasia is The Eternal Princess - She can ascend to the Stzian Throne if the current ruler is incapacitated or immoral. Nikiasia is hunted by a race of inter dimensional warriors - The Apto. She also confronts Lord Alteration, His Royal Court and Knights of Alteration. (She is also on the E.S.T.'s hit list)
Combat Tactics: Alpha will transmute opponents into inanimate objects like statues, rocks and rods. If a foe is too large, she will rely on her energy blasts. If her foe is vulnerable to a specific frequency, Nikiasia will convert her energy blast accordingly.


Identity: Nikiasia Wysterioz     Occupation: Defender of Stz


Stz Empire - Throne World - Stz - Universe Prime

Friends: Siano Tkarg