William Council, a U.S.M.C. Desert Storm Veteran, has recently moved to Ogden, Utah. While continuing to produce comics and teach students online, William is now a Private Detective. With Fidelis, his canine companion, he travels the globe finding missing persons, recovering lost treasures and bringing justice to the world—one case at a time.


Combat Tactics: William uses his peripheral vision to take stock of any combat situation. Will alternate between melee and ranged tactics depending on the flow of battle and the threat level of his enemies.
 Identity: William Council                    Occupation: Private Detective

Home: Ogden, Utah - Earth 43


Age: 35             Sex: Male              Skin: Brown              Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140 pounds   Carrying Capacity (In Armor): 1600 Pounds

Hair: Black              Eyes: Hazel

Friends: Star


Companions: Fidelis

Enemies: World Egg Breakers (aka W.E.B.)


First Appearance: Ogden Tales - A Tale of Three Earths - Part One