King Ion rules Phygria with an iron hand. His presidential palace is in the city of Celandor. He is a member of E.S.T. technically because of the discounts he received for his armed forces. The truth of the matter is that King Ion just finds it plain fun. He thoroughly enjoys matching wits with heroes and the simplicity of superhero battles when compared to matters of state.


Combat Tactics: King Ion will begin combat by using his Body Transformation Power to simulate some metal. (This will give him Body Armor) Next the King will use his Selective Ionization power to attack the heroes as a group. If King Ion, sees a physically strong hero, he will brawl with him/her while making the classic super villain taunts.


Identity: Richandis Ikanis    Occupation: Dictator

Home: Celandor (Planet: Phygria - Dimension 28)


Age: 31        Sex: Male
Height: 7’     Weight: 234 pounds
Carrying Capacity: 52 Tons
Skin: Brown   Hair: Green     Eyes: Grey





First Appearance: Against the E.S.T. - Heroic Visions Adventure Module