Hiel is a Taklonian Drug Lord operating on Abishua. His crew enjoyed engaging Star Force with impunity. Hiel enjoys killing all who gets in his way. Tired of losing soldiers, Star Force assigned Kanis, Zephaniah's father, to track down Hiel. The two fought and Kanis soundly thrashed him. During Hebron's blackout, an incompetent guard freed Hiel. He wandered the streets looking to take out his revenge on Zephaniah, son of Kanis.
Combat Tactics: Hiel is a skilled hand to hand fighter. He will uses his natural earth abilities to bring opponents closer to him.


Identity: Hiel                    Occupation: Drug Kingpin             Home: Hebron (Dimension 28)


Age: 49    Sex: Male              Skin: Grey Stone
Height: 8'  Weight: 485 pounds          Carrying Capacity: 850 tons
Hair: None                         Eyes: Golden


First Appearance: Zephaniah Chronicles - Issue Three