Cassandra is Zephaniah’s tutor in the city of Hebron on the planet Abishua. Her past deed while safeguarding him have earned her the authority of being a Special Agent for the Star Force Organization. This grants her clearance into most Star Force facilities throughout the Gedaliah Confederation. Her Special Agent status is a great help when she has to deal with enemies from her homeworld of Ortan V. Cassandra is unique among androids; she is able to regain power from solar energy. It was because of this ability that she had to leave her homeworld. Ortan V is an energy starved world and its scientist actively seek out androids and robots with the ability to naturally draw power from the environment. If Ortan V’s scientists ever catch up with Cassandra, they will certainly attempt to dissect her to find out she is able to absorb solar energy. Cassandra normally comes into conflict with Star Force enemies as well as bounty hunters from Ortan V. Since coming to Earth, Cassandra is slowly accepting the fact that Zephaniah has grown up and needs her more in the role of friend than bodyguard.
Combat Tactics: Cassandra tends to be a close range fighter. She specializes in tumbling attacks and will often use a tumbling maneuver to get in close with a foe and then attack. She is a skilled archer and will use her bow until she is able to glow with an opponent.
Identity: Cassandra                 Occupation: Tutor / Bodyguard

Home: Hebron - Planet Abishua in Dimension Prime
Age: 23                    Sex: Female
Height: 5´11˝        Weight: 140 lbs.
Carrying Capacity: 1600 pounds
Skin: Pale              Hair: Black                  Eyes: Green






First Appearance: Zephaniah Chronicles, Issue 2