Consuela Martinez, a psi-tech prodigy, is Bridge. As CEO of State of Mind Electronics, Consuela markets advance neural interfaces to both the federal government and private companies. Her crowning achievements include both her Psi Cycle and Psi Armor. She is more of an adventure than a heroine. Her Gateway Power (manifests itself as bridge that she needs to walk or drive across) allows her to travel throughout the universe. She can almost always bridge her way home. Consuela's superheroine identity is mistrusted by both the Arcadia PD and local heroes. This is due in part to Tabitha Geneva Parker, editor of All Around Arcadia, crusade against Bridge.
Combat Tactics: Bridge begins combat with her mental blasts. If she is with any allies that have psionics, she will use her Psi Amplification to enhance their abilities. She will enter melee as a last resort.


Identity: Consuela Martinez     Occupation: Business Owner—State of Mind Electronics

Arcadia City, Earth -Dimension 28


Age: 21                  Sex: Female                
Skin: Brown           Height: 5'8”               
Weight: 128 pounds     C.C.: 400 lbs
Hair: Black                Eyes: Green

Enemies: Tabitha Geneva Parker