Athaliah has been working for Manuel for several years. As president of the Marketing Division, Athaliah is responsible for Shake, Rattle and Boom being one of the major black market arms dealers in the Stz Empire. For the past year and a half, she has been researching the Gedaliah Confederation in preparation for her marketing push. The Board of Directors who denied Manuel funding when he first attempted to open Shake, Rattle and Boom in the Gedaliah Confederation made ideal targets.


Combat Tactics: With her gun Blunderbuss, Athaliah can either aim at a player character (normal to hit roll) or aim at the square that the character is standing in. Attacking the square (hex) means that she will be attacking against a DFV of 0. Every character in the six foot blast radius gets to save versus Agility to take ½ damage.


Identity: Athaliah    Occupation: Publicist


Celandor (Planet: Phygria - Dimension 28)

Age: 25 Sex: Female
Height: 6’ 3“ Weight: 141 pounds
Carrying Capacity: 800 Pounds
Skin: Purple Hair: Black
Eyes: Green




First Appearance: Against the E.S.T. - Heroic Visions Adventure Module