Alesa is a freshman at Hebron University. Her father is a space ship designer at Fargo Galactic Transport and her mother is a self-employed video game designer. They have spent the past 6 years on Abishua. Alesa remembers her early life on Cigam. She watched the local militia battle to protect their hamlet from goblins, lamians and giants. Alesa is now fascinated with the Gedaliah Confederation Armed Forces and is planning to join while attending Hebron University.
Combat Tactics: Alesa is very casual about combat. She will flip into melee range and then fire pistol shots to irritate her opponents.


Identity: Alesa               Occupation: Student               

Home: Hebron (Earth 28 Dimension)
Age: 17   Sex: Female                  Skin: Brown & White             

Height: 5'9”                                Weight: 125 pounds
Carrying Capacity:  100 Pounds    Hair: Brown                  Eyes: Green

Friends: Shakyra



First Appearance: Zephaniah Chronicles Issue 3