Abigail was born in London on Earth-1. She was a wealthy child and enjoyed a prominent position in the scientific community. At the start of Ogden Tales, Abigail was a normal human. She waged war with an Earth 19 symbiote across dimensions until she arrived on Earth 43. As the Symbiote attempted to drain her of her lifeforce, she transferred her consciousness into a suit of Power Armor becoming an A.I. Abigail typically resides in William’s smart watch when the team goes on missions.
Identity: Abigail                  Occupation: Scientist            Home: Ogden, Utah (Earth 43)

Age: 23  Sex: Female              Skin: Medium Brown        Height: 5'9” Weight: Nil


As an Artificial Intelligence, Abigail can change her appearance at will. She typically appears as a glowing blue facsimile of her human self.


First Appearance: Ogden Tales - Issue One